Wednesday, February 12, 2003

This is it. At last the government has started talking publically about what we plan for (and haven't planned for yet) after invading Iraq. From The Washington Post.

Pressed for an idea of how long a military occupation would last before Iraqis could take back the government of their country, his colleague from the State Department, Marc Grossman, said he would guess "two years."

But the two officials, at a hearing called to discuss the future of Iraq, said they did not know how the United States would manage the Iraqi oil industry, who would cover the costs of reconstruction if oil installations are damaged in the invasion or how they would install a democratic government.

There's great stuff here, I read it several times. They talk mostly about the potential for unrest arising from how we deal with Iraqi oil. I may well have underestimated the importance of this, but what I'm really wondering is how we're going to set up a government or Shia and Kurds and Sunni's that won't fly apart into civil war, and how we will keep them from killing each other without killing many people and making troops targets for terrorists.

I googled for transcripts of this Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting, and looked here and here and here, but either it's not up yet or never will be - or I looked in the wrong places. Anyone have any suggestions?

Wait! One more quote.

Some of the senators expressed incredulity at the state of the Bush administration's planning and several said they regretted Senate approval last year of military action.

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