Saturday, July 08, 2006

The reason for his death was the subject he was about to discuss - his declaration that democracy, not the gun, is the best way forward for Iraq's Sunnis. Qassim al Janaabi, his assistant, said: "In the last two weeks he had been saying in prayers that all Iraqis should vote. He said if we get a government, president and constitution, the Americans will have no reason to stay.

"Some groups sent messages to him saying, 'Don't be a traitor, if you carry on doing this you will die.' But he didn't care - he insisted that he would carry on with this subject. Then two cars full of men came and took him away."

Stories like this are important because there are many Sunni's in Iraq who say the terrorist groups who attack Americans are morally justified. If they read in American media about American troops who violate the laws of war, they should read as well about things like this - to know who regularly kills Sunni clerics without trial, investigation, or apology. Oddly, we don't seem to see many stories like this in Fox news or the Washington Times, which seem to get much of their coverage from wire services. Good for the British Telegraph.