Friday, February 14, 2003

Have you ever seen information in a newspaper or seen it on television which seems like it would be very helpful to terrorists? There are extreme dangers in any legal attempt to do anything about this - what if someone decides criticizing the President gives aid and comfort to terrorists? Yet sometimes I think the danger of doing is serious enough to worry about, if only so we don't act impulsively in the future.

Here's a tiny proposal which violates no laws or constitutional guarantees. If you have seen such information more than once in a given place, you can assign that place a moron point. Needless to say we don't need links to the offending material, and if I had more traffic I would even encourage people to wait a few days after the offence to avoid a huge flood of moron points helping terrorists figure out which issue to look in. If this got more serious some kind of adjustment would be made for how many readers or viewers of each news source seemed to be participating before giving out a moron of the month award. Maybe there will be an outbreak of common sense in the media and mine will be the last moron point assigned.

If not, be reasonable fair but not insanely so. Even if Al Qaeda probably knows something, there might be independent terrorist groups who don't.

I'll start off by assigning one moron point to Long Island Newsday. For now you might as well leave others in the comment section.

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