Friday, February 07, 2003

Proposed rule number four: (huh?)

Blog as though you had an audience that could change world events.

Don't just carp at all the things President Bush has done wrong regarding North Korea. To the best of your ability, tell him exactly how he should handle the non crisis there - starting from the situation as it is now. He probably doesn't actually read your blog, but if your idea is strong enough, it could catch the eye of someone else. Better yet, if you have the kernal of an idea, it could catch the attention of another blogger who could make it even stronger, get linked to by instapundit, then make it into the newspapers and on television. A route this direct is unlikely, but chaos theorists say in the long term a butterfly can affect the weather, and ideas do circulate in the blogosphere. Plus all this thinking will make your posts more interesting and original than those of people who just paraphrase the platform of their favorite party. Also it makes blogging more fun, at least for me.

If you're completely sure his mind would be closed even if he read your blog, you can imagine you were talking to one of his advisors, or a few million voters.

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