Thursday, February 13, 2003

So far Britain seems to have foiled a chemical attack and a missile attack on a passenger plane in the planning phase. They still seem to be wroking on this.

Someone please convince me that the reason we haven't had comparable discoveries in the United States is that we are less infiltrated. I'll tell you the truth though, I think this is the next phase of the war on terror. Not just passing more and more laws, but making a public case for which sacrifices will actually be cost effective (in terms of progress towards victory rather than cash) in tracking down Al Qaeda cells in the United States. During World War II everyone made sacrifices willingly. There was much comparison of 9/11 to Pearl Harbor initially, but the time has come for those who said so to ask what happens if they were right. What if this war requires just as much universal sacrifice as world war II did, but of a different kind.

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