Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Senator Clinton may soon go back to legislating

Here's a reason to be glad Senator Clinton will soon be in the halls of congress giving conservatives who had hoped to be rid of her fits:

I think that she will never be the President! Just the thought of someone so unqualified, immoral, fake, and personally greedy does make me crazy-but only for a moment-and then I remember that she will be unheard and unremembered in a couple of weeks. So lets cross our fingers, and in a week or so we can all say....Bye, bye Hillary!


Anonymous said...
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David said...

Now that was a low blow! I hit the wrong button on comments moderation and accidently let you through.

For a bit I wondered if Hillary was tough enough to be president, but then people convinced me her crying was fake.

Anonymous said...

So are you saying your blof was not indending to make fun of mine?

Anonymous said...

David, I klnow that you read my blog and often.
How come My blog is not listed on your blog roll?