Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gun Free zones

Credit where credit is due. I still don't think the right to bear arms refers to machine guns anymore than it refers to tanks or nukes, but it seems the latest shooting was in a 'gun free' zone. Small gun free zones seem to be a bad idea when you can buy a gun right outside them. Of course conservative politicians have gun free rallies - but they have people to enforce the rule, you're hardly going to have security search every student entering a school.

Do Gun-free zones encourage school shootings?, via Instapundit.


Anonymous said...

You asked: "Do Gun-free zones encourage school shootings?"
Well so far I haven’t heard of anyone getting killed for being stabbed with a Mount Blanc pen!

Distributorcap said...

this whole second amendment thing drives me bonkers.....

i get a lot of things -- i dont get the gun thing