Sunday, October 26, 2003

Alexa has spoken. I've been visiting Winds of Change much more often recently. My Alexa toolbar says it's the site visited most often by people who visit my site. Of course this could be a statistical artifact. I don't know how Alexa does their statistics, or how much one person who happened to visit both sites frequently would affect them.

Even so, I've been thinking about what our sites have in common, and (since their traffic is larger than mine) what they might be better at than I. It's a group blog, the voices I've seen the most of recently are Joe Katzman (the administrator) and Armed Liberal, so I risk overgeneralizing - email me if you know better, or post a comment. They seem to be a centrist blog, but favoring the Iraqi invasion, unlike mine. Armed Liberal, of course, opposes gun control.

I really liked one of the blogs Armed Liberal linked to - and the reasons he linked to it. Blognaut has a series of suggestions for the Democrats. These are not sarcastic right wing suggestions that they become Republicans, but genuine ideas. Not only that, I think he's just linked to the blog more deserving of additional traffic than any I've ever seen.

I browsed through his archives and I kinda liked this Armed Liberal quote from September ...
"Now I'm guilty as well of arguing that some level of international consensus is necessary to win the current war while also arguing that we need a relatively free hand to manage our economy. This is a hand smacked against the forehead to remind me that the two are inextricably linked."

I just happen to think the blogosphere needs more people looking for original solutions and trying to see both sides of things. There are already plenty of essays trying to justify the 'mainstream' ideas that are already out there, including in newspapers.

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