Monday, January 05, 2009


Sometimes you hear people concerned about global warming accused by deniers of being the same people who were saying there would be another ice age in the seventies. All that could change in an instant, the way people who had been claiming the Earth wasn't warming suddenly started saying it was, but humans couldn't be contributing to it.

As a result of his discovery of the effect of solar cycles on the Earth's climate and in particular the lack of awareness he has observed in the media, government and among the people, he has begun a vocal and highly visible effort to alert all to the coming climate change in order that we are prepared for the record cold event and its global ill-effects associated with this new climate.

Gives a new meaning to 'climate change alarmist', huh?


Shakti Singh Dulawat said...

nice detail by you keep writing

CyberCelt said...

Global warming and the advent of an ice age is not mutually exclusive. If the flow of warming ocean current are disrupted, then most of northenn North America and Nortern Europe will experience another ice age.

David said...

True enough, but this is from someone who says just the opposite.