Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fox News Discovers an 'Environmental Group'!

The headline doesn't say it all, but it's a start:

Environmental Group Begrudges Inaugural Show as Mammoth Polluter

The Institute for Liberty says if environmentalists really want to honor President-elect Obama, they will stay home rather than contribute millions of pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

You have to read the fine print to discover this group is a conservative think tank. So is this think tank focused on the environment, from a conservative perspective?

This is from the home page of the Institute for Liberty:


Welcome to the online home of the Institute for Liberty and the Institute for Liberty Research and Education Foundation. IFL is an advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. Originally founded as a public policy center focusing on technology issues, the organization is now dedicated to small business and entrepreneurship, acting as an agent for holding back the incursion of costly regulatory regimes that burden American business.

Specifically, we fight against the “petty tyrannies” of government—the incremental diminutions in individual rights that lead to wholesale destruction of liberties. While IFL will direct much of its effort towards the federal executive branch, it will also advocate on congressional attempts to erode the rights of small business owners and frustrate entrepreneurship in America.

This doesn't sound like any environmental group to me.


Exaggerato said...

Fox Prolefeed, it seems, must be rather fond of the so-called "Wise Use Movement" and suchlike others fond of using trick or deception by deliberate design to mislead or confuse.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

This sounds more like a prank. The whole environmental movement suffers because of non-serious players.