Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh no!

My husband and I are both registered Democrats. With the Primary here in New York in the horizon, we are still undecided. Well at least for me, because the husband is vocal in telling me that he may not cast his vote, as his heart doesn’t beat for any of the Democratic candidates. His heart is beating for someone else although, the man hasn’t declared his bid for the White House yet.

Bloomberg is a good mayor, but he'll only be a spoiler for the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I've bookmarked it.


Will Conway said...

Definitely true..

In response to your comment, "I wonder if this says anything about the Republican candidates."

I'm thinking not.The candidates are good enough, and I suppose as good as they ever have been. I just think with the leadership (or lack there of) from Bush, people want a Democrat.I'm much more of a conservative (I'm actually libertarian, so that puts me at complete odds with liberals) but I understand the frustration with the current Republican party (especially the man at the top) and the desire for change.

I always kind of thought this race was going to go to the Democrat. I guess this just confirms it.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is on "Meet the Press" today.