Thursday, January 31, 2008

The First Anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day

Jon Swift sent me an e-mail - February third is the first anniversary of blogroll amnesty day.

I'm glad to say he doesn't just consider it an occassion for whining and complaining, but he wants to kick off an annual celebration of the power of smaller blogs. His e-mail doesn't mention liberal or progressive blogs specifically, which might seem odd at first. No large conservative blogs were involved in blogroll amnesty day as such. It was a few big 'liberal' bloggers who declared they wanted their blogroll to consist of bloggers they actually read - and who don't seem to be looking for interesting new blogs to read now that they are established. Not only is this their priviledge, it may be a good thing for the left side of the blogosphere in the long run. Atrios and Markos couldn't read each good small Progressive blog for long enough to pick out the superb ones even if they wanted to. The job has to be crowdsourced, largely to the people who are hoping to be among the discovered.

Of course the same applies to the right - but not all conservative bloggers realize it. Yes, Reynolds reads the blogs on his blogroll, and if one of them links to someone he might pick it up and give a new blog an Instalanch. In the main, hoping for something like that is rather like hoping to win the lottery instead of engaging in financial planning. Who knows what will catch his eye? Even if he agrees with you about most things a loves the way you express it, he probably won't realize it until he's seen several links to you on blogs he respects. You may not get an Instalanch until you're well known anyhow.

In the next week or so I'm going to expand my blogroll again. When I post about something I'll use google and technorati to see what's worth linking to. Mostly though, there are three linking blogs so good I refer people to them instead.

The Sideshow is a great place for an overview of the left side of the blogosphere. Avedon Carol must get a lot of e-mail, but if you link to her and wait patiently she will eventually notice and look you over. Give her a hat tip and blog about the most interesting things you find there. Participate in the discussion in her comments section. After awhile you could send her a link to one of your best posts, and there are no guarantees but I imagine she'll at least take a look.

If we're concerned about blogroll amnesty day you probably know Skippy already. Not only does he link to anyone who links to him, he also offers 'Say Hello' front page coverage! I don't know if he ever takes links from e-mail, but he looks over the blogs that post about his articles and participate in the discussions in his comment section.

Monkeyfister wins the award for most awards awarded to small progressive blogs. Join the community, get to know Monkeyfister and the blogs that already link there, and you'll be in time for next year. Oh yea, follow the link next to the Incivility Certification, there's some good thinking there even if you don't accept it all.

Hullabaloo doesn't link quite as much to small bloggers as the other blogs, but the links that do occur are part of thoughtful and interesting posts. Crooks and Liars has a Friday roundup which is relaively small, but being linked there is the equivilant of a highbrow Instalanch.

I don't think I can compete as a linking blog in general, so here's what I'd like to do. If anyone's managed to get in a witty debate with a conservative blog I'd like to hear about it and link to it. We'll make people forget there ever was a Reynolds - Greenwald feud! I started by reading this, though I guess you don't have to be a potty mouth if you don't want to.


Libby Spencer said...

Thanks for the blogroll link. I'll be adding you to mine at The Impolitic.

Monkeyfister said...

Back you with the Blogroll link love, my friend!

Thank you for the very kind words-- and you're spot-on concerning everyone that you've listed. Avedon, is, of course, one of the finest bloggers in our Blogohood. Me? I get cantankerous from time to time, when my epilepsy gets me by surprise, but, my heart is always in the right place, and I am committed to Blogroll Amnesty, and supporting my peers.

Cheers to you, and thank you for taking up the Blogroll Amnesty Banner in such a wondrous way!

More power to you, fella! You've got a GREAT blog, here, and I'll do my best to let others know about it!


Distributorcap said...

can I say that Jon Swift sent me -- or is that too 1920's speakeasy...

another new yorker to read ---- we are everywhere! and added

ThePoliticalCat said...

Actually, I was surprised - and I'm sure you are too - that Instapundit linked to the B.A.D. celebrations. Or perhaps he just did that to annoy certain other Big Dogs of the Left Blogosphere. Whatever. It's not my issue, but I was kind of cheered. As an adamant progressive, I don't always want to talk to conservative bloggers, but there are reasonable souls out there whose politics differ from mine, but who are worth a listen. Like the two you linked to, no doubt.

Singleton said...

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at Please link mine to yours in return. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you!

Rob Singleton