Monday, August 15, 2005

The RSS blog makes a good point here.

More and more, bloggers are talking about the A-List circular linking. Winer links to Scoble, then Pirillo links to Winer's post on Scoble, then Rubel links to Pirillo's link to Scoble's link to Winer and finally Winer link's to Rubel's link to Pirillo's link to Scoble's link to Winer. In the end, they all get a bunch of Google juice from linking to each other and everybody is happy or at least four of us are happy. There's no sense complaining, this is simply common sense and good marketing. The problem is that the many of us link to the a-listers like mad in hope that they'll just link to us once in a blue moon and boost our Google karma.

A great point, and I'd like to add one thing. The circle isn't completely closed except maybe for some of the biggest bloggers. There are some blogs with a fair amount of traffic which will link to other blogs which have much less on a regular basis. We should start sharing information on them.

I'll start. Avedon Carol of The Sideshow links to many blogs ranging from slightly left of center to far left. There are regular roundups of various subjects being talked about in the blogosphere. If you are interested in politics and left of center, and you link to The Sideshow, and you read it to see what interests the author, there is a very good chance you will get a link - even if your own links don't always get followed by more than a couple of people. Of course reading about linking policy (on the sidebar) helps too.

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