Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jason of Countercolumn continues his war on all non conservative media.

Apparently, strict disciplinarians don't care about people.
So the San Diego Union Tribune seems to believe.

Despite some accounts that Frey is a strict disciplinarian with a fierce image, colleagues said the 50-year-old veteran of three wars genuinely cares about people.

Why on earth would a reporter use the "despite" construction? What kind of veteran commander of three wars would NOT be a strict disciplinarian? How can you care about people in a combat zone and not be a strict disciplinarian?

The gulf between our military and media cultures yawns ever wider.

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Seems pretty clear to me. While I've never served under a miltary commander, I'm fairly sure that fifty percent are stricter than the average. I'm sure some of there are genuinely disliked and considered martinets - but not all. So we've learned something about how this commander is talked about. You can learn more if you click through and read the rest of the article. I still don't know for sure if the article matches the facts without flying out and interviewing people myself, but I don't feel I'm going out on a limb by saying Jason is nitpicking.

Countercolumn is one of the blogs I read most frequently. I've learned a lot about what the media doesn't know about Iraq, although he always focuses on media like the New York Times. If Fox and the Washington Times have been doing brilliant original reporting on Iraq he should mention it, if not he should discuss that as well. When I searched google for Countercolumn and Fox, google gave me the opportunity to see only hits from his site. The resulting search page is,GGLC:1969-53,GGLC:en& or put countercolumn fox in the little google box. I found much crowing about how Fox news was gaining viewers at the expense of other networks and print media, but only one mention of actual Fox reporting from Iraq. Oddly enough I also found After all, even the pseudojournalists at Fox knew about it. And so did the San Francisco Chronicle. And so did thousands of blog readers., but it may have been an Ironic reference to the LA Times accusing Fox news of pseudojournalism.

Jason tells us I'm not a FOX fan. Actually, I consider the channel to be almost unwatchable. I hate its graphics and look and bleeding colors and white washouts and color distortion and obnoxious sound carts.

But they break stories every day.
, but somehow he rarely comments on those they break from Iraq.

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