Saturday, August 16, 2003

Remember King log and King stork? Remember George Herbert Walker Bush?

When he went back on his no new taxes pledge I wasn't impressed. Not that I thought the tax cuts were a good idea; on the contrary. I might have been angry because I thought he had cynically used the pledge to get elected. Of course the Republicans were angry because of the taxes, so nobody was happy.

I wasn't impressed by his personal relationships with foreign leaders either. I guess most Americans weren't, since they traded him in for Clinton. I think Clinton was pretty smart, but I'm wondering if we the voters did it because we knew - or because he felt our pain?

Even then, I wondered exactly what people wanted when the chided him about the 'vision thing'. I may have even wondered if some of them had failed to consider the dangers of demanding from the man they elected something they did not themselves posess, or if others had questioned whether the wrong vision was really better than none.

Some of the jokes about Dan Quail might still be funny, but I wonder what lesson someone trying to avoid the fate of Bush Sr. might learn?

Junior promised a tax cut, and he delivered. He must have known that if he said he was sorry but under the circumstances it seemed like it wasn't a good idea, neither the left nor right would respect him for it. Somehow many common people seem to feel cowboy Bush is in touch with them, even if he might not seem that way up close. The current Bush administration certainly has a vision of America and our place in the world. He has a pretty in-the-loop vice president.

May God forgive us our prayers, for we seem to have gotten what we asked for. No use whining that a majority of us didn't vote for him - a majority of us felt relieved that decisive action of some sort was being taken when he invaded Iraq. He keeps popular promises no matter what, he's got a common touch, he's got the vision thing and a clever VP. Who could ask for anything more?

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