Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The editor of probably thought he was kidding when he dared Fox to harass him.

When is something done last month by a 'comedian and liberal activist' news and when is it not?

Fox news has a major breaking story.

Franken, a satirist and former writer for "Saturday Night Live," admitted in a letter last month that he deliberately tried to mislead Ashcroft when he sought personal information from him.

"In the letter, I indicated that I wanted your story for a book about abstinence-only sex education entitled 'Savin' It!' I claimed that I had already received testimonies from several conservative leaders, which I had not," he wrote. Portions of the letter were published by

"The letter was sent as part of a satirical book I'm working on, which will contain only one or two chapters dealing with abstinence-only sex education."

Any traffic tickets in a drawer? Tease anyone of the opposite sex in elementary school, thus committing sexual harassment?

Maybe the new motto should be: Fairly balanced on the edge of the knife

In all seriousness, Fox has taken a step in a worrisome direction. Can anyone in a legal battle with a major media outlet now expect harrassment?

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