Saturday, April 19, 2003

It sure is a good thing the terror alert level was cut to yellow. Via The Gunther Concept, here's the sort of thing that happens at orange or red.

In an attempt to add some glitz to the whole event, our friend brought along something she refers to as a gazing globe. This is a silvery, mirror-like glass ball about a foot in diameter that she keeps as an ornament on her porch. I think she picked it up in a yard sale or resale shop many years ago. As she later explained it, she that thought the ducks would do something with it. And that would make an interesting scene to tape. I mean, I guess the ball is big and shiny and is sort of a mirror. MAYBE it’s something that the average waterfowl would find interesting, at least for long enough to get 5 minutes of video out of it.

Sadly, the ducks showed no interest whatsoever. They ate the food scattered around and even on the ball, but showed absolutely no interest in the thing. At some point in the whole affair, our friend lost interest in the ball as well, and followed the ducks around the pond as she did more taping. Eventually, she returned to her car and went home, having completely forgotten about the large, silvery globe she had left sitting out in the park.

It was only days later that she remembered that she had forgotten to bring the ball home with her. In somewhat of a panic, she called the Herrman Park administrative offices to see if someone had found it and turned it in. What she found out was that this ball had caused a major furor. It seems someone had spotted it and decided it was of a suspicious nature. The police bomb squad was called and the park, or at least a large portion of it, was closed off.

We are now at yellow again, so anything that doesn't bother the ducks need not bother us until further notice.

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