Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I'm going to have to repost the previous. I saved it intending to edit it later and add the rest of the connectivity blogs, but somehow the edit link got messed up so I couldn't. I posted instead, and the date stamp link doesn't work either, so I can't use it as a section header for my sidebar. I don't feel like redoing it tonight.

Somehow the tone of Hemlock's Diary (also on my sidebar) exactly matches what much of the world is feeling about the SARS epidemic. If your mainstream media seem sterilized, live from our blogospheric correspondent in Hong Kong - do these two entries really mean they were trying to recruit people off the street to sterilize the streets?

From Thursday, April tenth:

Shenzhen health authorities kill an American English teacher in their latest attempt to cover up their SARS outbreak. The WHO gives full approval, apparently. At the other end of the public-awareness activities scale, plans are being hatched to mobilize the whole of Hong Kong for a massive Easter weekend clean-up. Leading the charge will be the indomitable Betty Tung, who is already busy extracting donations from the great and the good, and will be handing out brooms and kicking slackers’ rears – not least CH's, perhaps – on 19-20 April.

Mon, 21 April
Calling it "The City of the Name of God" paid off. Macau remains free of SARS,.and I am free of the attentions of redoubtable matrons expecting me to make a fool of myself scrubbing Hong Kong's greasy, pus-ridden streets. The old Portuguese place hasn't change since my last visit. An excellent show put on by the Holy Romans in their churches on Sunday. Spent last night watching Peking opera on TV in my hotel room with a bottle of Segada Tinto from the local grocery store. Tastes almost like chocolate.

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