Saturday, January 11, 2003

One of the three online newspapers written in North Korea is in English, and I visited the web site of The People's Korea. Sometimes you can learn something from the untruths someone chooses to tell. What I learned this time is chiefly that The People's Korea has nine articles on it's current web site, with dates between December 14th and January 10th. Unless they keep some articles while deleting others, they publish much less than one article a day. It doesn't seem to be a weekly publication, four articles were published on December 14th, four more eleven days later, and one on January tenth.

Not much you haven't seen in Western papers and on television. I don't happen to have read the article about world war two reparations for Koreans, but I'll bet if I followed the English language Japanese press more closely I'd know more than the author of the article tells us.

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