Saturday, January 18, 2003

I've just been reading this new Arutz Sheva editorial calling Isreali Culture: The Last, Great Frontier. The main thrust is that religious Jews are not active enough in the media. Considering their role in the Isreali Knesset, I can't help suspecting this is voluntary on their part.

This editorial brought to mind several editorials from last week, such as Transfer - A Humane Solution, and Court Hands Terrorists Major Victory. Many editorials in this paper favor the idea that the Palestinians should all be removed from Isreal.

Remember how many Jews remained in Germany before world war II, when they were actively encouraging them to leave? Many had nowhere to go, and could not bring themselves to leave the only home they knew for somewhere speaking a different language where they had no job or friends. History shows that such a thing could not be done without massive killings.

I meant everything I wrote a coulple of days ago about suicide bombers who have been brainwashed into expecting paradise finding themselves in hell instead, but these people too are a bar to peace. Somehow they must be marginalized, since nobody sincerely proposes giving a Palestinian state the means to fight Isreal. There will never be peace until the Palestinians are convinced that a shift in electoral politics is not all that is required for any of them to be driven from their homes.

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