Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Faux Hillary Site?

I think Instapundit has linked to another faux Hillary site.

I can't be absolutely sure, but the home page says:

This space is for the 18,000,000 Americans who continue to support Hillary Clinton. It is our intent over the next four years to show the other 18,000,001 Americans how they made a BIG mistake putting Obama in the Whitehouse. We will not be bitter, but we will not support the "Radical Agenda" of an Obama administration.

On the other hand, no mention of Hillary as Secretary of State, no names of authors names so we can check to see if they supported Hillary before Obama came around, and a recent post about how unfair people are to conservatives (I can't find a post link, but dated November 30, and selling a book).


Anonymous said...

Let me see..was the moderator of a Hillary supporter before Obama came along? The answer is absolutely. Is theobama-whitehouse faux? The answer is absolutely not. As a former Democrat of 40 plus years, my eyes have opened. Hillary Clinton's nomination to Secretary of State will be addressed when it happens. Obama is known to waffle....Stay tuned for further discussion. I can say the theobama-whitehouse readers are not as censored at the readers of this blog....

David said...

So you know who the moderator is - or are you the moderator?