Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wowee, still biased but with a pretty new web site!

A whole article on Bush's attacks on the media, focused on the new GI Bill. It doesn't mention repeated explanations by PROPONENTS (including McCain himself) that it would keep soldiers in longer by giving people who only served a couple of years much less.

The Washington Times has a pretty new layout, but the same coverage.

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Pastor Rob said...


I recently noticed that a lot of the good folks who showed me link love have faded off into the sunset. I’m still on most of the blogrolls (or linked in individual posts) but the technorati hourglass has apparently run out of sand. Blogrolls can keep a person’s link, but after 6 months—if nothing has changed then it drops off the radar regardless.

So, I sent out a huge link love post with a link included to you. I was wondering if you could do the same - that way the authority stays where it should be for all of us.

Thanks for considering this.


Pastor Rob