Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I confess! I'm not a television watcher, and I'm probably the only member of the blogosphere who failed to watch the debate for reasons other than appalling political apathy. I'd rather read about it than watch it - I'm sure many people are better than be at reading body langauge and other cues, and television is my medium of last choice for the text itself.

Avedon Carol's roundup on The Sideshow is all great news - not just the post I linked to, scroll down. Right after the debate she said, "But, as Kos says, by telling such a barrel full of whoppers, Cheney did force Edwards to waste a lot of time correcting the record instead of being able to spend it all giving direct answers to Gwen Ifill's questions."

As it turns out he may have won the battle but lost the war. contradicts him on the very points he asked them to confirm. Rove has won spin battles after debates before - but Cheney has given him the toughest possible fighting conditions.

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