Sunday, August 08, 2004

Increased partisanship has been much discussed in the blogosphere lately. Several people have made a good point - it's really nothing new. From the pamphleteers of colonial times on, partisanship has been common. Even the idea that the press 'should' try and be objective, and should avoid mere bias as opposed to out and out lying, is rather recent.

We should probably expect that that period is more or less ended. I know of no conservatives who expect the Times to have news coverage that they will be comfortable with - although I read several who are outraged by NY Times bias to the left, but not by Fox news or Washington Times bias to the right. In fact, I see much more New York Times hatred then Kerry hatred on the right.

I think what we need is a right wing red states newspaper. Fox and the Washington Times are both based on the East coast. They are professionally conservative - they could no more decide liberals were right about a specific issue than Martha Stewart could declare that women would be better off if they spent more time relaxing and less time trying to make everything perfect. We need a red state newspaper largely staffed by veterens. If they said something was wrong in Iraq, it would be much harder for the current supporters of Iraq to dismiss.

So far I can't find one. Jason Van Steenwyk suggests two - "Tell that to the Dallas Morning News. Or the Nashville Tennesseean." Both of these papers have most of their news from Iraq from newswires he considers too liberal.

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