Saturday, April 10, 2004

We seem to be seeking a cease fire in Fallujah. Of course we could 'win' if we were willing to pound the place into rubble. I've even heard support for that from several relatives I would not ordinarily consider psychotic. I'm very glad we haven't forgotten that we have not succeeded unless we build a successful prosperous country, and that killing huge numbers of people won't get us any closer to this.

We still need to think about our plans though. A cease fire isn't a peace treaty - so nobody believes we can just let the people who egged on the lynchers of our contractors go about their business. I'm reduced to hoping someone has a secret plan. Someone on our side. If we can't get rid of them now (and I havent got any ideas either) when can we?

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. general called on Sunni militants in Fallujah on Saturday to join a bilateral cease-fire. Insurgents struck U.S troops in Baghdad and central Iraq, setting a tank on fire in the capital and engaging in battles that killed 40 Iraqis, a U.S. spokesman said.

Sunni insurgents did not immediately respond to the general's call for Fallujah, where bloody fighting has been raging all week, but a team of Iraqi leaders entered the city to hold talks with local leaders. Marine commanders said they had no orders yet for a full cease-fire.

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