Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Joi Ito has written a lot of good stuff about Emergent Democracy. I'm worried about the impact of this:

I've had blogger's block lately. As more people read my blog, I realize that I am writing for larger and larger audience. Just about every time I post something, I get thoughtful comments and email from a variety of perspectives. I realize that post early/post often is probably the best policy for blogging, but the rigor in which entries are discussed and the increasing percentage of people who I meet who have read my blog cause me to try to blog about things which are interesting yet not likely to cause me to spend a lot of time defending myself. The fact is, I'm becoming more and more conservative about what I blog.

I suppose he could write in the abstract about emergent democracy under his new rules, but I'm not sure he could discuss any concrete progress or setbacks or ideas without saying anything that could offend anyone of some political persuasion or another. I can't help hoping he doesn't follow his new rule.

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