Saturday, March 29, 2003

This is from the United States CDC - center for disease control. May 29 update.

I'd like to first begin, though, with just a reflection on some sad news that CDC received this morning. Dr. Urbani, who is the WHO physician investigating the outbreak in Hanoi, died of SARS that he acquired during his investigation. He was a very close colleague of ours and someone that we had worked closely with in both Hanoi and Thailand through the past several years, and we are very sad and our condolences certainly go to his family and his colleagues as well as our colleagues in the area who've been working with him over the past few weeks on this investigation.

That's from near the beginning of the report. I guess it caught my eye because the people sent to investigate a contagious disease are presumably the most knowlegable about safety precautions.

Clearly panic mongering is counterproductive, but I begin to wonder if this is a war as pressing as the one in Iraq - and if not, when one will occur.

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