Saturday, December 14, 2002

I've started my sidebar with Talking Points Memo. Joshua Marshall likes to point out errors made by large television news programs and newspapers, along with correct information and the source. Anyone can write an editorial, and a surprising number of people write well reasoned and readable ones, but we need more people who point out errors in the press - newspapers sometimes print errata somewhere inconspicuous, and it's rare to see television stations do so at all. Sometimes he editorializes, but he has more original research per page than most bloggers or non bloggers.

I also like his attitude. He manages to sound surprised when answering an article criticizing him in the online version of the American Spectator - because a big magazine like that would think him worth the trouble. Of course he used to edit the American Prospect, and he's contributed to many serious policy magazines, but he has a blogger attitude rather than a big media one in most things.

The only thing that strikes a wrong note with me is that all the links on his sidebar are to big media websites rather than one person blogs like his - or at least to blogs that are sponsored by big media websites.

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